Monday, October 29, 2012

Holey Punkins!

Have you carved your Punkins (as sassafras refers to them)? I am a person who likes instant gratification. You will not see me spending hours carving an intricate pumpkin design of Abraham Lincoln fighting Zombies. Those people are just strange and they obviously don't have 3 children. But I have always wanted to make a cute little polka dot pumpkin. This year I finally did it.

* A pumpkin.
* A drill. Any size drill bit will work. Or you can get crazy and use different sizes. Captain Awesome aka My husband seems to have a hard time organizing his tools so I used the only one he could find. ;-)

Bam! That is it! Simplicity is my friend. Of course you have to cut the top off and scoop out all the guts..

See all those lovely little pumpkin seeds.... Tomorrow I will share with you my new favorite recipe for toasted pumpkin seeds. 

Next...Start drilling.

This is also a perfect time to introduce small children to power tools. 

And that its. After you are done drilling you will have yourself an awesome little disco punkin! Ta Da!

Happy Pumpkin Carving!


  1. I love this!!! I am SO happy you started a blog...AND I get to see your adorable punkin!!! XO

  2. Love the disco pumpkin. So much easier than carving!

  3. I love this! You are so funny! "Also a great time to introduce children to power tools." HAHAHAAHA <3 you!!!